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Get Your DFW Roof Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are a time for fun gatherings. Make sure your friends and relatives are safe and happy by getting your DFW roof ready. Planning to hang Christmas lights? Not all roofs can withstand extra weight. Excited to put up holiday decorations? Your shingles must be in good condition first. Our job at Upright Roofing is to take care of others. Allow us to help get your roof in top shape for the holidays. This way, you can focus on other matters. Read on to know the importance of a Dallas roof inspection this season.

Have You Gotten All Your Leaks Fixed?

Homeowners love to get in the festive spirit. But as the year closes, damage to your Fort Worth roof becomes apparent. You’ve already experienced the worst rains and hail storms. These extreme weather conditions could have left leaks in your home. Do you notice brown stains in one part of your house? Are your gutters working fine? Is there moss or mold on your roof? These are signs that there is trapped moisture. Don’t put your family and guests at risk during the holidays. Contact us for a Dallas roof inspection for a leak-free home.

Can Your Roof Withstand Christmas Lights?

Christmas lights are always a joy to look at. Whether you plan to put on a light show or hang some simple string lights, a Dallas roof inspection will ensure all goes well. Hanging holiday lights on a weak roofing system could lead to disaster. If your roof is aging and it’s been a while since you had a Dallas roof replacement, your roof could collapse. Christmas lights are composed of wiring and power outlets. These add weight to your Dallas Fort Worth roof. If your underlayment is faulty, it may not be able to withstand the extra weight.

Is Your Roof Ready for Christmas Decorations?

Do you plan on covering most of your roof with holiday decor? Wreaths, flags, figurines, and garlands are always a delight to the eyes. If you haven’t had a Dallas/Fort Worth roof inspection in a while, you might have to stick to very small and light pieces. However, if you want to be worry-free when putting up the decorations, be sure your roof maintenance is up to date. Check for damaged, loose, and missing shingles. If you notice some, schedule a DFW roof replacement before the busy holidays.

Schedule a Dallas Roof Inspection Today

Prevent a holiday mishap by contacting a Dallas roofer. We will handle your roofing problems with Upright guidance, Upright attention to detail, and our Upright team. We will educate you through the entire process. You can have confidence that we will take care of everything, down to the last detail. Our certified and fully insured Upright team will provide you with some of the best Dallas/Fort Worth roofing services. Contact us today for a Dallas roof inspection before the holidays!

Upright Roofing and Construction is proud to be your trusted contractor for commercial and residential roofing services, as well as residential exterior services. We look forward to taking care of you and your roofing needs.



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