Did Your Dallas Roof Sustain Wind Damage During Recent Storms?

Did Your Dallas Roof Sustain Wind Damage During Recent Storms?

Cleanup is under way for many of the homes and businesses damaged by our most recent bout of severe weather. Last week’s storms featured numerous tornadoes and extremely heavy winds, resulting in widespread storm damage, especially in the form of Dallas roof damage. If your home endured the aforementioned conditions, you’re likely wondering if you need DFW roof repair. The best way to determine the potential need for wind damage roof repair is to schedule a Dallas roof inspection as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep reading to better understand Dallas wind roof damage and whether or not your Dallas/Fort Worth roofing needs attention.

How to Spot Dallas/Fort Worth Wind Roof Damage

Here are some signs our Dallas roofer looks for that may warrant the need for Dallas roof repair or even Dallas roof replacement:

Curling, Missing, or Broken Shingles

Wind, especially strong winds like those present during last week’s storms, can sweep in between shingles and lift them with enough force to curl or snap them, resulting in Dallas wind roof damage that should never be ignored. If your Dallas roofing is older or already damaged, even moderate winds can result in the need for wind damage roof repair. Check to see if any of your shingles are missing or if they no longer lie flat against your roof. Should you see these issues, call our Dallas Fort Worth roofer as soon as possible.

Displaced or Damaged Chimney Flashing

The gap where your chimney meets your Dallas roofing is covered by a thin piece of metal known as flashing. This flashing, which keeps water from entering the interior of your home, can be displaced or damaged in windy conditions. When this occurs, your home is exposed to the elements and it's only a matter of time before water infiltrates this gap the chimney flashing is designed to secure. Should you notice your chimney flashing is bent, damaged, or parts of it are missing, this is often a sign that your home has sustained DFW wind roof damage.

Granules in your Gutters

One of the most overlooked signs of Dallas roof repair is seeing shingle granules in your gutter system. The shingles that make up your DFW roofing are covered in tiny granules that serve as a layer of protection against Dallas roof damage. As shingles age and begin to break down, these granules can easily become dislodged from the shingle’s surface and end up in your gutter when it rains. Heavy winds can accelerate this process and the evidence will be relatively easy to identify. Check your gutters for signs of shingle granules and, should you see any, call our Dallas roofer right away.

Dallas Wind Roof Damage Should Never Be Ignored

In order to ensure your property is protected from the next round of potentially-damaging severe weather, you need to make any needed Dallas roof repairs as soon as possible. In order to assess the extent of your Dallas wind roof damage, we recommend scheduling a DFW roof inspection with our trusted Dallas roofer. Our experienced professionals can determine the best course of action to secure your Dallas Fort Worth roofing. 

Taking Care of Others is the Upright Roofing Way

Our Dallas roofer is proud to be your trusted contractor for commercial and residential roofing services. If you feel your home requires Dallas roof repairs, call us today to schedule your DFW roof inspection and take the first step in protecting your family and your home. We look forward to taking care of you and your roofing needs.

Do You Need Dallas Roof Repair After The Winter Storm?

Do You Need Dallas Roof Repair After The Winter Storm?

Earlier this month, a winter storm swept northern Texas, covering the Dallas/Fort Worth in snow and ice. Because of how infrequently this occurs in the Southwest, this has led to homeowners scrambling to deal with its effects on their Dallas roofing. Reports of Fort Worth winter roof damage have increased, leaving many in search of a Dallas roofer that can take care of their needs. At Upright Roofing, we offer comprehensive roofing services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, ranging from installation to repairs and replacement. Our Upright team is looking forward to helping take care of your roofing problems with our Upright guidance and our Upright attention to detail. Here is our guide to figuring out if you need a Dallas roof repair in the aftermath of the winter storm.

How Snow and Ice May Cause You to Need Dallas Roof Repair

The greatest culprits causing the sudden need for winter storm roof repair are snow and ice. The accumulation of snow on a roof is not just a significant dead weight on your roof and its underlying structure, but it also melts into water over any warm spots on your roof. This water is continuously pressed against your shingles by the weight of the snow above it until it can find even the tiniest cracks or crevices to seep into your Dallas roofing and cause water infiltration. Water that manages to find its way between your shingles can expand if it refreezes, causing them to come loose or pop off your roof entirely. Ice can also build up along your gutters and roof drainage system, blocking the flow of water and possibly causing the stuck water to refreeze into larger chunks of ice. These ice dams can cause leaks to your roof, damage to your gutters and drainage systems, or become a hazard as falling ice that can injure someone.

How to Determine If You Need a Dallas Fort Worth Roof Repair

If your home was affected by the winter storm earlier this month, there could be a chance that it has sustained some Dallas/Fort Worth roof damage and is in need of winter storm roof repair. The best way to know for sure so that you can take immediate action is to have a professional Fort Worth roofer conduct a Dallas roof inspection. This way, your DFW roofing can be examined for even the earliest and most subtle signs of problems, allowing you to get ahead of any necessary Fort Worth roof repair. Upright Roofing’s leak detection services, which include the use of thermal imaging cameras to detect moisture in your roof, are part of our roof inspection procedures. On top of this, our inspectors will also offer you our Upright guidance to give you practical tips to help prevent any future damage to your roof and extend its life.

Get a DFW Roof Repair From a Dallas Roofer That Will Take Care of You

Each day that you delay any needed winter storm roof repair increases the odds of further damage to your home. Upright Roofing will take care of you and your roof, allowing you to focus your time and efforts on the more important things in your life. Our Upright Team is looking forward to taking care of you and all your roofing needs! Call us today to schedule your free Dallas Fort Worth roof inspection! 

How to Take Great Care of Your Dallas Roof This Year

How to Take Great Care of Your Dallas Roof This Year

With a new year in full swing, many of us are making resolutions to better ourselves by setting goals and working toward success in a number of ways. While you’re busy trying to get in shape, quit a bad habit, or complete a project that’s gone unfinished, you should also consider making resolutions for your home as well. One of the best ways to ensure your property is in great condition and well-protected is to take care of your roof. Our Dallas roofer has the following tips for taking great care of this important structure all year long.

Dallas Roof Damage Common to Each Season

If you want your Dallas roofing to remain in great shape all year long, you need to know what types of Dallas roof damage are common to each season. Should your property sustain this type of damage, you may need Dallas roof repairs or even a Dallas roof replacement:

  • Winter Dallas Roof Damage: In the winter, the most common threat to your Dallas/Fort Worth roofing comes from ice and snow accumulation, which prevent additional precipitation from draining and also puts excess pressure on your roof’s surface. 
  • Spring Dallas Roof Damage: The greatest threat for spring DFW roof damage comes from hail, which is known to leave irreparable divotsdall in your shingles, leading to the need for a Dallas roof replacement.
  • Summer Dallas Roof Damage: Extreme heat and heavy rain from summer downpours can cause the type of roof damage that may require Dallas roof repairs or a full Dallas roof replacement.
  • Autumn Dallas Roof Damage: Autumn is known for its windy cold fronts and falling leaves, both of which can wreak havoc on your Dallas roofing. Wind can damage your shingles or remove them altogether, while leaves can clog your gutters and prevent rain from properly draining from your roof’s surface.

Tips for Keeping Your Dallas Roofing in Great Shape All Year

Your Dallas roofing is the most important protective structure on your home, which is why our Dallas Fort Worth roofer has assembled these tips for taking great care of it.

Tip 1: Schedule Regular Dallas Roof Inspections

We recommend scheduling a professional Dallas roof inspection every six months in order to identify Dallas roof damage that warrants your attention. Sometimes damage is found that requires a complete Dallas roof replacement, in which case, we can guide you through the process.

Tip 2: Clean your Gutters

Clogged gutters are remarkably harmful to your Dallas roofing. When rainwater cannot be properly diverted from your roof, it pools on your shingles and settles into low spots. When this occurs, it weakens your shingles and can cause sagging, both of which can cause irreparable DFW roof damage.

Tip 3: Trim Low Branches

A common cause of Dallas Fort Worth roof damage comes from branches that break off in strong winds and crash to the roofing structure below. If you have any overhanging branches, now is the time to have them trimmed in order to protect your roof and, in turn, your home from damage.

Tip 4: Keep Shingles Clean

Sometimes moss and algae can grow on the surface of your shingles, which is more than just an unsightly problem. Over time, moss and algae can weaken the integrity of your shingles, often requiring a Dallas roof replacement. You can clean your shingles using a special solution that can be found at most hardware stores. Do take care not to scrub or it could remove granules from your shingles, which are designed to protect your Dallas roofing.

Upright Roofing Taking Care of Others with Quality Roofing Services

When you need the assistance of a professional Dallas roofer, look no further than our Upright team! We’re rooted in integrity and passion, which means you can trust us for all your Dallas roofing needs. Call us to schedule a Dallas roof inspection, which will allow us to identify and address any Dallas roof damage. We’d be honored to assist in keeping your home protected and safe.

Signs You Need Dallas Roof Replacement

Signs You Need Dallas Roof Replacement

Homeowners know the importance of keeping their roof strong and durable, regardless of the season. But how will they know if they have roofing problems that require a Dallas roof replacement? There are many signs to watch out for. Some only need minor roof repairs, while some need an overhaul. At Upright Roofing, taking care of others is our job and passion. We are a Dallas/Fort Worth roofer that lives by integrity. Allow us to assist you when you spot the following damage to your home.

Missing or Broken Shingles

The most obvious sign that you need a DFW roof replacement is if several of your shingles are damaged. Your shingles are your first line of defense against the elements. If they have been compromised, your roof’s underlayment is left exposed. Broken shingles lead to a range of issues. They could cause water damage, pest problems, poor insulation, and more. If you notice these occurrences in your house, then it’s time to call in a Dallas roofer. They can inspect every component of your roof to make sure everything is in top shape.

Leaks and Stains Around the House

Have you gone up to your attic recently and noticed brown or yellowish spots on the ceiling? This could be a sign of water damage. And it only snowballs from there. Your entire foundation could be affected by constant water exposure. Mold, fungi, and other organisms could proliferate in your house. These are known health hazards. Your entire roof could also collapse if enough moisture gets trapped. It’s not enough to clean up the stains. You must address the root cause of the problem, which is usually damaged roofing.

You Notice Gutter Buildup

Clogged gutters can be caused by a lot of things. There could be storm damage where debris got trapped in your gutters. There could also be a buildup of granules from your shingles. When shingles get bruised, they lose their topmost layer. You won’t notice at first, but the granules will gradually clog your gutter. In such cases, roofing experts recommend replacement of materials.

Your Roof Is Past Its Lifespan

Some roofs are so well-maintained that they seem newer than they actually are. An average roof can last from 15 to 30 years. Even if your roof doesn’t show any obvious issues, consider a Dallas/Fort Worth roof replacement if your roof is over 30 years old. A DFW roofer will tell you that it’s better to prevent a disaster than to repair it. 

Schedule a Dallas Roof Replacement Today

If you need a Fort Worth roof replacement, Upright Roofing is the name to call. We are guided by three principles: Upright guidance, Upright attention to detail, and an Upright team. We provide quality Dallas roof inspection and other services. Using our 8-step roof replacement process, we can get your home in its best state. Contact us today!

Get Your DFW Roof Ready for the Holidays

Get Your DFW Roof Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are a time for fun gatherings. Make sure your friends and relatives are safe and happy by getting your DFW roof ready. Planning to hang Christmas lights? Not all roofs can withstand extra weight. Excited to put up holiday decorations? Your shingles must be in good condition first. Our job at Upright Roofing is to take care of others. Allow us to help get your roof in top shape for the holidays. This way, you can focus on other matters. Read on to know the importance of a Dallas roof inspection this season.

Have You Gotten All Your Leaks Fixed?

Homeowners love to get in the festive spirit. But as the year closes, damage to your Fort Worth roof becomes apparent. You’ve already experienced the worst rains and hail storms. These extreme weather conditions could have left leaks in your home. Do you notice brown stains in one part of your house? Are your gutters working fine? Is there moss or mold on your roof? These are signs that there is trapped moisture. Don’t put your family and guests at risk during the holidays. Contact us for a Dallas roof inspection for a leak-free home.

Can Your Roof Withstand Christmas Lights?

Christmas lights are always a joy to look at. Whether you plan to put on a light show or hang some simple string lights, a Dallas roof inspection will ensure all goes well. Hanging holiday lights on a weak roofing system could lead to disaster. If your roof is aging and it’s been a while since you had a Dallas roof replacement, your roof could collapse. Christmas lights are composed of wiring and power outlets. These add weight to your Dallas Fort Worth roof. If your underlayment is faulty, it may not be able to withstand the extra weight.

Is Your Roof Ready for Christmas Decorations?

Do you plan on covering most of your roof with holiday decor? Wreaths, flags, figurines, and garlands are always a delight to the eyes. If you haven’t had a Dallas/Fort Worth roof inspection in a while, you might have to stick to very small and light pieces. However, if you want to be worry-free when putting up the decorations, be sure your roof maintenance is up to date. Check for damaged, loose, and missing shingles. If you notice some, schedule a DFW roof replacement before the busy holidays.

Schedule a Dallas Roof Inspection Today

Prevent a holiday mishap by contacting a Dallas roofer. We will handle your roofing problems with Upright guidance, Upright attention to detail, and our Upright team. We will educate you through the entire process. You can have confidence that we will take care of everything, down to the last detail. Our certified and fully insured Upright team will provide you with some of the best Dallas/Fort Worth roofing services. Contact us today for a Dallas roof inspection before the holidays!

Upright Roofing and Construction is proud to be your trusted contractor for commercial and residential roofing services, as well as residential exterior services. We look forward to taking care of you and your roofing needs.



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