Get Your DFW Roof Ready for the Holidays

Get Your DFW Roof Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are a time for fun gatherings. Make sure your friends and relatives are safe and happy by getting your DFW roof ready. Planning to hang Christmas lights? Not all roofs can withstand extra weight. Excited to put up holiday decorations? Your shingles must be in good condition first. Our job at Upright Roofing is to take care of others. Allow us to help get your roof in top shape for the holidays. This way, you can focus on other matters. Read on to know the importance of a Dallas roof inspection this season.

Have You Gotten All Your Leaks Fixed?

Homeowners love to get in the festive spirit. But as the year closes, damage to your Fort Worth roof becomes apparent. You’ve already experienced the worst rains and hail storms. These extreme weather conditions could have left leaks in your home. Do you notice brown stains in one part of your house? Are your gutters working fine? Is there moss or mold on your roof? These are signs that there is trapped moisture. Don’t put your family and guests at risk during the holidays. Contact us for a Dallas roof inspection for a leak-free home.

Can Your Roof Withstand Christmas Lights?

Christmas lights are always a joy to look at. Whether you plan to put on a light show or hang some simple string lights, a Dallas roof inspection will ensure all goes well. Hanging holiday lights on a weak roofing system could lead to disaster. If your roof is aging and it’s been a while since you had a Dallas roof replacement, your roof could collapse. Christmas lights are composed of wiring and power outlets. These add weight to your Dallas Fort Worth roof. If your underlayment is faulty, it may not be able to withstand the extra weight.

Is Your Roof Ready for Christmas Decorations?

Do you plan on covering most of your roof with holiday decor? Wreaths, flags, figurines, and garlands are always a delight to the eyes. If you haven’t had a Dallas/Fort Worth roof inspection in a while, you might have to stick to very small and light pieces. However, if you want to be worry-free when putting up the decorations, be sure your roof maintenance is up to date. Check for damaged, loose, and missing shingles. If you notice some, schedule a DFW roof replacement before the busy holidays.

Schedule a Dallas Roof Inspection Today

Prevent a holiday mishap by contacting a Dallas roofer. We will handle your roofing problems with Upright guidance, Upright attention to detail, and our Upright team. We will educate you through the entire process. You can have confidence that we will take care of everything, down to the last detail. Our certified and fully insured Upright team will provide you with some of the best Dallas/Fort Worth roofing services. Contact us today for a Dallas roof inspection before the holidays!

The Importance of a Fall Dallas Roof Inspection

The Importance of a Fall Dallas Roof Inspection

The arrival of fall brings with it a reprieve from tornado season and a sigh of relief for many homeowners. It also brings with it the best opportunity to get a Dallas roof inspection for your home to make sure that it’s ready to endure the challenges of the coming winter and weather events. Of course, who you get that DFW roof inspection from is important as well. Upright Roofing in Dallas/Fort Worth exists to take care of others. We will help relieve all of your roofing problems with our Upright guidance, Upright attention to detail, and our Upright team.

Fall is the Perfect Time for a Dallas Roof Inspection

Sandwiched between storm season and winter, fall is the perfect time to get a Fort Worth roof inspection. The chances of a tornado or other extreme weather event coming along to damage your roof and stop work are extremely low, with plenty of days of mild weather to conduct both the Dallas/Fort Worth roof inspection and any subsequent roofing repairs that may be required. At Upright Roofing, our free Dallas Fort Worth roof inspections are extra thorough, utilizing both traditional methods such as walking your roof, and the latest cutting-edge technology such as drones to see hard-to-reach places and thermal cameras to detect the earliest signs of water infiltration. Any roofing project is no easy undertaking, but our team will provide you with the education and Upright Guidance to keep your roof sturdy and protective

Deal With the Results of a Dallas Roof Inspection At Once

Once your DFW roof inspection is finished, it’s best to act on its results immediately while the good weather of the fall season allows for time to work on your roof. We will provide you with a copy of the results of your Fort Worth roof inspection, along with our recommendations and a free quote. If our findings show that your roof’s damage is too extensive, or that your roof is simply too old to provide your home and family with sufficient protection, we may recommend a  Dallas roof replacement. Whether you’re in need of a Dallas/Fort Worth roof inspection, roof repairs, or a roof replacement, rest assured that our Upright Attention to detail will take care of all the necessary paperwork and procedures, such as help with maximizing your insurance coverage, obtaining city permits, site cleanliness, and pre/post-work inspections.

Get a Dallas Roof Inspection From The Dallas Roofer That Takes Care of You

As each day passes, your window for getting a fall Dallas Fort Worth roof inspection gets smaller and smaller. Let Upright Roofing take care of you and your roof so that you can focus on taking care of the important things in your life. Our Upright Team is looking forward to taking care of you and your roofing needs! Call us today to schedule your free inspection! 

Upright Roofing Has a Brand New Website!

Upright Roofing Has a Brand New Website!

Our brand new website is officially live! We partnered with INFINI Marketing, a Houston-based digital marketing agency that helped us rebrand our company and design a completely fresh, more modern website.

The roofing industry is already quite saturated, so we knew that we had to market ourselves well if we wanted to stand out from our local competitors. INFINI’s experience marketing for roofing companies was exactly what we needed to kickstart our DFW roofing marketing strategy.

Rebranding Upright Roofing

Dallas roofing services are pretty standard across the industry, so we were advised to create a brand that can differentiate us from other roofers. We did not have a solid brand message or identity prior to meeting the INFINI Marketing team, but they crafted an authentic brand that our customers (and ourselves) can resonate with, which will be used across our entire digital marketing strategy.

Modern Website Design by INFINI Marketing

We were ready for our website to be freshened up so that it could show and tell Dallas homeowners who we are and what we do, especially since we offer more than just roofing; we are also a team of general contractors that can build outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and more.

As we are getting ready to advertise, we needed a high-quality website that would encourage more leads and conversions, and INFINI delivered a vibrant, easy-to-navigate website that will help us expand our business and achieve our goals!

Get Your Roof Upright

Addressing roof damage is not something that should be delayed because the longer homeowners wait to take care of it, the worse the outcome. With our brand new website completed and the rest of our marketing strategy underway, we look forward to helping more homeowners get their roofs upright with care, guidance, attention to detail, and our dedicated team at the forefront of our operations! 

How Often to Get a Roof Replacement

How Often to Get a Roof Replacement

Your roof takes care of your home by being its primary shield against the elements. Because of this, it’s the part of your home that takes the most beating year in and year out. With hurricanes becoming stronger every year and freak weather events becoming the norm, your roof’s job is now more demanding than it has ever been. But just how long can a roof last under normal conditions? How often should you get a roof replacement? Here’s the answer from the Dallas Fort Worth roofing experts that are rooted in integrity, striving to take care of you and your roofing problems with our Upright guidance, Upright attention to detail, and our Upright team.

Continued Roof Damage May Lead to a Roof Replacement

If your home has recently endured a hurricane or extreme weather, your roof may have sustained some damage. Routine repairs can patch most such roof damage. A few broken or missing tiles or a roof leak is not a big deal if it is dealt with at once as these problems come up. However, if your roof continues to sustain regular damage over the years, the sheer amount of wear and tear may bring it to the point where a roof replacement is the best option in terms of cost and protection for your home. The best way to know if your home needs a roof replacement is to have a thorough roof inspection conducted by a roofing company you can trust. Our roofing experts, with their Upright attention to detail, can take care of you and your roof by catching damage and warning signs that are not immediately apparent.

An Old Roof May Need a Roof Replacement

If you’ve been fortunate enough that your roof has avoided any major damage throughout its life, then the factor you may need to consider is age. The materials, sealants, and adhesives used to build your roof have an expected effective lifetime of about 20 years under normal circumstances. If your roof is around this age range, then you should start considering a roof replacement as your home may already have its safety compromised. When your roof reaches this point, it’s time to call in the roofing experts who are best qualified to take care of you and your roof. Our roofing crew is certified and fully insured. And with our CertainTeed Master Shingle Certification, we can install top-quality shingles on your roof and offer extended warranties.

How to Know if You Need a Roof Replacement

At Upright Roofing, you can be sure that your roof will get a meticulous inspection thanks to our use of drones and infrared cameras that can detect the earliest signs of water infiltration. Whether it’s roof repairs or a roof replacement, we’ll give you the Upright Guidance you need to keep your roof in top condition. Whether you’re in need of a roof inspection, roof repairs, or a roof replacement, rest assured that Upright Roofing will take care of everything down to the last details: city permits, cleanliness, and pre/post inspections. 

Get Your Roof Replacement The Upright Way

Roofing projects are no easy undertaking, but Upright Roofing in Dallas/Fort Worth exists to take care of others and their roofing needs. We will provide you with the education and guidance to keep your roof sturdy and protective. We offer a free roof inspection and estimate, after which, we’ll work with your homeowner's insurance to ensure you get maximum coverage for your roof replacement. Give us a call and let’s schedule an appointment!

Upright Roofing and Construction is proud to be your trusted contractor for commercial and residential roofing services, as well as residential exterior services. We look forward to taking care of you and your roofing needs.



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