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Spring Is the Perfect Time for Dallas Roof Replacement

Cold weather is on its way out and the mercury is beginning to rise. These ideal temperatures often inspire many homeowners to tackle outdoor projects before summer heat arrives. As you’re tending to your garden and making needed repairs to your home’s exterior, don’t forget to assess the condition of your Dallas roofing. While winter roof damage is likely no longer a threat, spring is known for blustery conditions that cause DFW wind roof damage. For this reason, our Dallas roofer suggests taking advantage of these comfortable conditions by scheduling your Dallas roof replacement. 

Secure Your Home from Dallas Wind Roof Damage with a Roof Replacement

Spring is notorious for bringing weather systems that are accompanied by high winds. If your Dallas Fort Worth roofing is older or already in need of repair, it simply cannot withstand the power of spring winds, leading to Dallas wind roof damage. Given that this type of Dallas/Fort Worth roof damage has a tendency to be severe, it’s imperative that you secure your home with a Dallas roof replacement as soon as possible. Dallas wind roof damage should never be ignored or else you’ll have more problems down the road. The best way to assess the condition of your roof is with a professional inspection from our Dallas roofer. 

Signs You Need a Dallas Roof Replacement

While you wait for your roof inspection, it’s helpful to know exactly what type of issues our Dallas roofer deems worthy of a DFW roof replacement: 

  • You have cracked or missing shingles: your shingles play an important role in keeping the elements from infiltrating your home, so when they crack or are no longer present, it’s time for a Dallas roof replacement.
  • Your shingles are missing granules: your shingles are covered in a layer of granules designed to add a layer of protection against the elements. As your shingles wear down, however, these granules start to disappear (along with the security they provide). 
  • Roof leaks keep springing up when it rains: if water is entering your home each time storm clouds roll in, you have an unaddressed Dallas Fort Worth roof leak that can lead to serious damage. While some roof leaks can be solved with Dallas roof repairs, others will require a full Dallas roof replacement.
  • Your last roof replacement was more than 10 years ago: No roof lasts forever, especially in our Texas climate. The older your roof becomes, the lower its structural integrity, meaning it can no longer do the job it was designed to do: protect your home and family. Unfortunately, our Dallas roofers will tell you that our extreme climate often causes DFW roofing materials to wear down faster than in other parts of the country.

Our Dallas Roofing Company Offers Upright Guidance, Rooted in Integrity

When you’re looking for the right Dallas roofing company to keep you and your family safe, look no further than Upright Roofing. We believe in taking care of others with integrity and upright guidance so you can be sure you’re making the best decision for you and your home. Call our Dallas roofer today to schedule a free, professional roof inspection today. We look forward to 

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